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    Lounge spa pool

    Designed like a Moroccan palace, our warm-water spa pool features massaging bubbles and a 24-hour purification system so guests can relax and rejuvenate in complete comfort.

    Middle East-inspired robes - English, Japanese, Taiwanese service

    Choose from a complete set of outfits for maximum imperial impact as you wander the palace corridors. We offer assistance in English, Japanese and Taiwanese - internationalized service for a world-class experience.

    Venetian gilt mirrors & torch lamps

    Torch lamps and Moroccan hanging lanterns are all imported directly from local manufacturers. These are more than just lamps that provide light - in the evening, these glowing works of art immerse you in a gorgeous dream.

  • Jade City four-person room


  • Golden Sahara four-person room


  • Poppy Village two-person room


  • Star Bather two-person room


  • Fez Imperial City six-person room


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